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GPS Tracking for Fleet, Covert, and Asset Tracking

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Fleet Tracking

Use a GPS Tracker offered by Global Locator Systems of Texas, LLC to track vehicles in your business fleet. Tracking fleet vehicles allows you to be able to overview paths, speed and much more of your company and fleet vehicles.


Covert Tracking

Covert tracking can also be acheived by using one of our offered GPS trackers. We have worked closely with law enforcement and personal investigators. We ensure we have the devices to get the job done.


Asset Tracking

Global Locator Systems of Texas ensure that you can keep track of and know the location of your business or personal belongings at all times of the day. Track all of your assets, whether is a on land or at sea.

If you Value it, Track it Real-Time

GPS Trackers are Ideal for Monitoring Assets on Land or Water. Examples of What You Can Track:


Tracking Shipments / Assets (Ex. Vehicle, Trailer)


Business Fleet Vehicles Or Business Assets


Covert Operations (Ex. PI's & Law Enforcement)


Teen Drivers, Dementia, Alzheimer, Children

Our Main GPS Trackers


All- Purpose GPS Tracker

Raven GPS Tracker is one of the most reliable, water resistant, and versatile GPS tracking devices on the market today!


Professional GPS Tracker

Covert GPS Tracker is a professional GPS tracker that is nearly indestructible. This tracker has large magnets providing a secure grip!

Chaperon HD

OBD Plug & Play

Chaperon HD GPS Tracker is an OBD tracker perfect for fleet tracking or tracking a teen driver. It offers realtime vehicle communication!

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Our Story

The GLobal Locator Systems of Texas, LLC started in 2015 with founder and owner David Westfall. 

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Visit the Global Locator Systems of Texas, LLC Blog and keep up to date with GPS technology.