Raven GPS Tracker

Raven one of the most reliable, water resistant and versatile GPS Tracking devices on the market today.


Ideal for tracking packages, suitcase, vehicles, covert, pets, equipment, biking, fixed/mobile assets, personal tracking – the list goes on and on. 

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Covert GPS Tracker

Covert is a professional, long term and near indestructible GPS Tracker with a large magnet built into the casing.


The Covert GPS Tracker is ideal for tracking items that need to be tracked covertly and for a long distance of time. This includes vehicles, shipping containers, manufacturing equipment, and much more.

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Chaperon GPS Tracker

Chaperon Plug-and-Play Real Time GPS Tracker our most versatile diagnostic device for communicating vital vehicle information to administrators via GSM/GPRS networks.


Chaperon GPS Tracking plugs into a vehicles OBD port allowing it to track continuously without the need for a battery or recharging. This GPS Tracker is ideal for tracking vehicles of teen drivers, fleet vehicles, or even just to track your own personal vehicle.

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Comrade MAX GPS Tracker

Comrade MAX is a complete GPS tracker designed for a wide variety of vehicle tracking applications.


Comrade MAX GPS Tracker is a hardwired GPS Tracking solution. This GPS is hardwired into a vehicle which removes the need for a battery or recharging. This GPS Tracker is ideal for fleet vehicles that need to track their business vehicles.

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Companion GPS Tracker

Companion Satellite GPS Tracker provides pure satellite tracking with global coverage.


Companion does not utilize GSM or CDMA coverage so no celluar towers required. This tracker is weather resistant and durable. Ideal for tracking intermediate bulk containers, vehicles, boats or any fixed or mobile asset. Improve your assets operating efficiency, inventory control and security.

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