Global Locator Systems of Texas, LLC

Our Background

The Global Locator Systems of Texas LLC story started in 2015 with founder and owner David Westfall. Actually, the story starts many years before 2015, as a young boy David had a passion for studying maps and how they are made. This passion continued as a young man, graduating with a B.S. in Geography and Political Science from Stephen. F. Austin State University. After graduating college David, having a difficult time finding a job using his degree he went to work for Morgan Stanley where he worked his way up the ladder into management positions. In 2006, graduated with an Analyst Certificate for GIS however being happy with his job he decided to stay with Morgan Stanley. Fast forward to 2015 David decided it was time to take the jump and started his own company providing quality GPS Tracking Products for nearly every application.


Our Commitment

Global Locator Systems of Texas is committed to always being there for the customer before, during and after the sale. Global Locator Systems of Texas is dedicated to never having a call center as the company grows, your representative(s) is your contact for all your needs from training, billing, systems enhancements or any customization you may need. All customers have access to every report with our software (40+), geo-fencing and many other features. We have one data plan which is your plan if you need devices to update more frequently we can accommodate without charging extra.

Global Locator Systems of Texas, provides a full range of premium GPS Tracking Solutions and offer a quality registered Electronic Logging System (e-track). Why because we don’t believe you should need multiple companies to accommodate your Fleet Management, Asset Tracking and Personal Tracking needs.

We share our client’s passion to protect what they value most. Wither it’s improving the bottom line for a business, protecting assets from theft or loved one from dangers situations. Global Locator Systems of Texas GPS Tracking solutions can help.

We keep our software easy to configure, user-friendly, and our mobile link makes accessing your information easy on the go. Just log in to see where your GPS tracker is located – it really is that simple. With over 40 reports available and customization available we can help you manage your crew and inventory.

We focus on customer’s needs and budget. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your device first by learning what customers’ needs to solve, second not upselling products and third ongoing training & support.

Don’t let the company name fool you, Texas is in our name but provide the same attention to our customers outside Texas and outside the United States. Contact us to learn more about Global Locator Systems of Texas and our products.