Covert – All in One Sealed

APPLICATIONS: Assets, Cargo, Vehicle, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Surveillance,Security, Fixed & Mobile Assets and more.

Covert has finally made Professional GPS Tracking simple! NO wires, NO external battery, NO pelican case with bulky external magnet bolted on. Long-term battery life with a single battery charge life due to the updated advanced power management & deep sleep function.

INTERIOR Superior GPS and cellular electronics, 3 internal antennas, high capacity internal battery & 3 separate embedded magnets for an exterior flush mount making this tracker seem like a part that belongs on a vehicle for ultimate stealth.

CASE: Covert has a virtually indestructible outer casing and is certified waterproof.

  • 24/7 Real-Time GPS Tracking – Real Time Monitoring
  • Customizable Reporting Intervals
  • Advanced Power Management for Superior Battery Performance
  • 3 Built in Magnets (80 lbs. of pull power)
  • Built in Vibration Sensor


    • All Alerts sent via SMS, TXT and/or Email to multiple recipients simultaneously
    • Geo Zone Alerts
    • Low Battery Alerts
    • Asset Moving/Asset Dormant Alert Notifications
    • Rugged Military Grade Case
    • Direct Plug in Charging or Wireless Pad Charging
    • Compact Size: 5” x 2.00” x 1.875”
    • Quad-Band for Global Coverage (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
    • Position Accuracy within 10 feet
    • 1 Year Device Warranty
    • Battery Performance 60+ days* on a single charge

*Based on typical usage (Battery recharge time: 8-10 hrs. w/included wired charger or 10-15 hrs. w/pad charger)


Device Price: $209


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