Benefits of  a Fleet Tracker from Global Locator Systems of Texas


• As low as 15 second updates on driver locations and speed
• Arrival time and delay predictions
Eliminate unauthorized use (aka Moonlighting and theft)
• Significantly lower fuel costs
• Ability to monitor employees carefully
• Track employee speed and driving habits
• Alerted when employees arrive at a drop-off point
• Track vehicles from any computer or smartphone – regardless of location
• Track your entire fleet from a single monitor simultaneously
• Save up to 25% on insurance rates (check with our Insurance Carrier)
• Keep driving history in check up to a six month period

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Covert Tracking and Professional Tracking

At Global Locator Systems of Texas, we have been working with private investigators and various federal agencies, for many years. During that time, we have discovered most professionals in the private investigation field are seeking two very distinct things from a GPS tracking device:

1. A long battery life


2. Excellent reception in a number of different situations

We’ve addressed both concerns by providing the best products available. Here’s how we handle battery life and reception problems.

Reception With Global Locator Systems Of Texas GPS Trackers

When it comes to most GPS tracking devices, a device has to be placed on the very edge of a vehicle in order to ensure satellite reception. This is far from ideal. Not only can these devices be spotted from a standing position, but they often fall off due to poor placement. We’ve solved this problem.

All Global Locator Systems of Texas GPS trackers have SiRF3 and 4 GPS chips. These chips allow private investigators to place a GPS tracker in a hidden position without compromising reception. Some popular spots include car frames, under a vehicle’s bumper, in the trunk space, and in many other covert spots. No matter where our trackers are placed, reception won’t be a problem.

The Global Locator Systems of Texas Battery Difference                                              

We also realize how important an extended battery life is to any private investigator. After all, what good is a well-hidden GPS tracker that dies halfway through an investigation? Our trackers last for up to 6 weeks without requiring any kind of recharge. Global Locator Systems of Texas Covert trackers also come with a patented ‘shaker switch’ that eliminates the need for additional hook-ups between a device and a tracker.

Through deep sleep and battery conservation modes, all of our trackers are long lasting, but wake up whenever movement is detected, so targets are always followed.

Asset Tracking

The latest technology is available through Global Locator Systems of Texas to help your business keep an eye your assets 24/7. With


a precise reliable Asset Tracking from Global Locator System of Texas know where your assets are regardless of the location or time of day.

GPS Trackers are ideal for monitoring assets on land or water:

  • Shipping containers
  • Trailers
  • Boats
  • Electronics
  • Portable equipment
  • Construction site equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Organ transportation
  • Guns


 Benefits of utilizing a GPS Tracker:

  • More efficient by knowing the location of assets
  • Ensure designated routes are followed
  • Assist in deterring theft
  • Recover stolen assets
  • Assist in deterring unauthorized movement or use of assets
  • Improve productivity and time management



Features of GPS Trackers from Global Locator Systems of Texas:

  • Long battery life – depending on the device from 14 to 200 days
  • Real-time tracking
  • Military Grade
  • Quad band equipped (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • Customizable Reporting
  • 3D global mapping

Regardless of the industry, your company will benefit from GPS Tracking. Your company will be more productive, reduce expenses, reduce theft, deter unauthorized use and improve customer service. The end result is what every business is looking for, improving the bottom line. Contact us today to discuss how your business can benefit using GPS Tracking.

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Personal GPS Tracking

Personal GPS trackers from Global Locator Systems of Texas are real-time trackers utilizing cellular technology with GPS technology, best of all no base station required. Our monitoring software provides real-time tracking 24/7 with updates every two-minute while device is in motion. Easy to use monitoring is available on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Know where your loved are.


Peace of Mind Tracking
• Establish safety zone(s), receive text and emails when any zone is departed or entered
• Coverage throughout North America
• Instant Fall Detection, with a built-in 3D motion senor. Receive a phone call or text and email to designated family members and caregivers at instance.
• SOS Emergency button sends an instant phone call, text and email alerts when pressed
• Water resistant device
• Auto Answer allows the device to automatically answer inbound calls from pre-programmed phone numbers
• With two-way calling with the push of a button you are always close by.
• Total mobility with built-in SMS card
• No base station required
• Highly accurate up to 15 feet
• Unlimited software reporting
• Low power consumption, sleep mode provides longer battery life between charges
• Compact lightweight design allows the device to worn or carried by anyone
• Optional velcro carrying case available



A GPS Personal tracker from Global Locator Systems of Texas provides peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe.
Ideal for wandering patients including Autism, Alzheimer or Dementia.
Children or anyone needing an extra eye.

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