Comrade Max combines super-sensitive GPS technology  and supports LTE on many bands supporting North American and European Cellular Operators. This devices provides excellent performance and all in a compact design. This tracker is ideal for heavy equipment, law enforcement, emergency vehicles, commercial vehicle fleets, and many other applications. In addition, this GPS tracker comes with hundreds of possible applications including PTO functions, vehicle driver monitoring, door unlocking, geo-fencing  and many others.

Here’s what the Comrade MAX includes:

  • Low power sleep modes
  • Internal 200 mAH back-up batterys
  • 3 inputs and outputs
  • 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensitivity
  • Internal antennas
  • Live 24/7 tracking
  • Position updates
  • Store & Forward when out of cell coverage
  • Incident Notification
  • Driving behavior monitoring
  • LTE eMTC
  • LTE B2/B4/B12/B13
  • Power Take Off (PTO) alerts
  • Fleet vehicle history updates

Comrade MAX is the perfect GPS vehicle tracker solution for company vehicles. It can perform an array of functions such as unlocking doors, monitoring driver behaviors, disabling stolen vehicles remotely, monitoring various PTO functions etc adding upto about a hundred applications in total.

Comrade Max package includes:

  • 3 inputs/outputs
  • 3-axi accelerometer designed for motion detection
  • Compact size
  • Easy installation
  • Internal 200 mAh back-up battery
  • Strong internal antennas (GNSS and Cellular)
  • Various sleep modes

Device Features

  • 24/7 live GPS tracking through our web-based portal
  • 3D global mapping
  • 6-month fleet history
  • Out of cellular coverage Store & Forward
  • Both on and off position updates (2 and 10 minutes respectively)
  • Built-in harness
  • Complete mobile access
  • Instant update capabilities
  • Motion, tilt, and impact detection
  • FCC Registered
  • PTO alerts
  • 7 PIN Interface