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May 8, 2018

Overcoming GPS Tracking Disadvantages

Fleet Managers and business owners find numerous benefits when they utilize GPS Tracking devices and the monitoring software that comes with it. The obvious benefit of knowing where your fleet vehicle and equipment is located but many find the biggest benefits include enhanced maintenance scheduling, improved productivity and peace of mind.

As with anything in life there are some negatives with GPS Tracking, as a manager or business owner it’s for you to decide which wins the pros or the cons. What are some of the negatives? How about the added expense of adding GPS Tracking to your expenses, well if used properly GPS Tracking can help improve your bottom line not to mention the expense is tax deductible. With GPS Tracking most businesses see improved productivity, better driver behavior, many insurance company provide discounts and there is the antitheft and recovery of stolen equipment.

Then there is the employee pushback regarding adding the use of GPS Tracking especially when you add it to your company vehicles. The key here is company vehicles, even so some employees see view GPS Tracking as an invasion of their privacy. The best way to deal with these employees is to be honest with them, let them know why the devices are being added to the fleet and what the expectations will be.  If you install the devices in secret, you may lose some trust with your employees by having secrets they won’t know what else is being kept secret. Once the device(s) are/is installed be sure to give yourself and your employees time to adjust to the new software and expectations.

Your employees need know GPS can help improve safety, help with customer disputes and allow dispatch to see traffic on driver routes. These three items can benefit the employee if a customer says the employee was late management can pull up the GPS to confirm the time crews arrive. If dispatch, see a vehicle in traffic they can explain why there is delay without the immediate need to call the driver.

Make sure your employees understand there are consequences of for Tampering with devices. The manager and/or business owner needs to determine what the consequences are for tampering with the device(s).

As with most GPS Tracking companies, Global Locator Systems of Texas LLC provides support over the phone and if needed in person. We want you to take full advantage of your device to benefit your company, this is accomplished through building relationships with your sales rep. Our free support is provided if you’re a customer in good standing.

Most disadvantages we hear are overcome easily. We have helped customers with 1 vehicle to a few hundred we are here to assist you in making the correct decision when it comes to GPS Tracking for your company or even personal use.

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