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February 5, 2018
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ELD Mandate Enforcement is Here

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Is your company compliant with the ELD Mandate that went into effect the end of 2017? If not did you know effective April 1, 2018, the ELD mandate went into full effect. What does this mean to you if you’re not compliant any violations received after this date are also in full effect. The “grace period” is over the time to comply and learn the system is over. During the “grace period” violation we noted but penalties were not as tuff.

This “Grace Period” lasted just over four months and drivers and fleets owners won’t be penalized for lack of compliance during this time.

Violation don’t apply to trucks utilizing AOBRD System well at least not until December or if your truck is exempt from ELD’s. With the “grace period” gone drivers and fleets face stricter violations when they don’t comply with the ELD mandate.

Except for, violation code 395.22(a) received prior to April 1, 2018 you may be able to have the violation removed.

What violation codes exist with ELD’s?

ELD violations include (HOS) Hours of Service Compliance BASIC report is important to note. Another thing to be aware of, however, is the change in the violation codes themselves and the new severity weights associated with them. There are now new code variations for a 395.8(a) violation regarding not having a record of duty status or required logbook. These violations carry a 5 out of 10 severity weight which is a two-point increase.

8A-ELD: There is no logbook when an ELD is required.

8A-NON-ELD: There is no logbook when an ELD is not required.

395.24C1lll: Driver failed to add file comment per safety officer’s request

395.30B1: Driver failed to certify the accuracy of the information gathered by the ELD

These are not the only changes check out the SMS Appendix A spreadsheet,

The time has passed and if you’re not compliant now the violations are adding up quickly. Any driver or company that should be complying needs to comply now. It’s just a matter of time before you will get your notification for failure to comply. Holding off for that last-minute reprieve of ELD’s has past ELDs’ are here. TODAY is the time to comply.

Be sure to check our Global Locator Systems of Texas LLC for registered ELD options.

eLogs (ELD’s)

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