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October 19, 2017
GPS Tracking Helping Recover Assets and Vehicles
January 11, 2018

GPS Tracking Simplified

A Global Positioning tracking device comprises of a tracking device for connection to a vehicle, equipment, an individual or other asset. The GPS Tracking unit includes a processing system which connects to GPS satellites to determine location in latitude and longitude. Devices also incorporate a transmitter for transmitting the specific position to mapping software for the user to visually recognize the location. The information is received by a relay station which receives a signal and transmits it to a central monitoring station which then applies the information to the mapping software for the user. Global Locator Systems of Texas has a primary monitoring station and two backup locations, one on the west coast and a second on the east coast. GPS devices will update location at preset intervals or on demand. Most systems use cellular technology to transmit to transmit the information from the device to the central station a few systems are 100% transmitted by satellite.

Parents of teens are increasingly opting for a GPS tracking device over using cell phones to monitor their whereabouts especially at night. Tracking devices can be attached to your teen’s vehicle, monitoring their driving behavior including speeding, rapid acceleration, heavy braking and much more.

Most GPS Tracking software allows you to create “geofencing” and “geocorridors” which allows alerts to be sent if the device departs or enters the specified area. Many GPS Trackers are also equipped with ‘panic buttons’ when pressed will send emergency alerts via text, email and some units include 2-way voice. Many systems allow you to keep track of vehicle maintenance, sending alerts when oil changes, tire rotations or other maintenance is due. Keeping vehicles maintained correctly can save you time in keeping up with your fleet and potentially longer use of your vehicle fleet.

Today’s GPS Tracking devices are said to be more efficient than older versions. It’s possible to track people virtually anywhere. Signals can be received clearly from inside skyscrapers and likewise. When shopping for GPS Tracking remember not all providers are the same. Make sure the devices are certified by the FCC and PTCRB this will ensure your device is authorized to use the cellular networks.

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