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WHY use GPS Tracking?

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A question I hear quiet often is, “WHY use GPS Tracking?”

The answer is complicated. I can give you the why, however if your business or as a parent you’re not going to access the device the why isn’t relevant. Not the answer you would expect from a company that sell GPS Tracking and Electronic Logs.

Before purchasing a GPS System understand what the system can provide you, all systems provide location and speed. Use this information to your advantage to increase productivity and reduce fuel expenses. Most system will allow you to look at the routes driven by drivers or even the entire fleet look at this information to determine where overlap or repetitive routes are crossed. Look at driver speeds are they well more than posted speed. Not only does excessive speed waste fuel, it also is bad for your company’s public perception.

Other feature that are available on many GPS Systems include driving behavior such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, hard cornering, excessive idle and more. Monitoring each of these can help expand the life of the vehicle, reduce fuel cost and improve safety.

Simply knowing where your vehicles are can help control authorized use for side jobs or personal use. Creating invisible fencing will allow you to know when your vehicles arrive/depart specified locations via email or text 24/7.

Some GPS Systems allow setup alerts for vehicle maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations and more.

If your fleet travels through multiple states you can generate reports for IFTA reporting, making it easy to report mileage for tax reporting.

What you use phones for GPS Tracking, go back to our blog and check out “Phone Tracking vs. True Asset Tracking”

GPS Tracking is going to pay for itself in the first few months of ownership if used correctly if you have question call your GPS provider they should be able to answer your questions. Global Locator Systems of Texas has multiple GPS Tracking applications and sell throughout the United States check us out.



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