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July 18, 2017
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September 19, 2017

Texas ELD Requirement for Intrastate Drivers Starting in 2019

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If your business has drivers in Texas the state will require them to have Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) starting 12/12/19. The Texas ELD requirement is in response to the federal government requirement that states issue their own requirements for intrastate travel. Texas has many miles of roadways many of these miles are in rural parts of the state, the idea is to make roadways safer for everyone. All industries will need to comply including Limo, Moving, Oil and Gas, all types of trucking companies and many others. 
More will be issued and clarified from the state about this rule in the future, as additional information becomes available we will post information.  There will certainly be certain exemption allowed however most industries will be required to comply. We are all want our roadways to be safe and ideally you want a simply easy to use system that anyone can use.
Global Locator Systems of Texas has you covered when your ready to start comparing give us a call. If your company needs to meet the federal requirement this year we have you covered. Compare our system to others systems out there we are certain you will love what we offer both in product and price. We offer both ELD’s and GPS Tracking we over a decade of experence with GPS Tracking. We offer a full range of devices and can certainly meet your needs. 

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