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June 28, 2017
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GPS for Monitoring Supplies, Materials and Equipment

Warehouse Tracking

GPS isn’t often thought of for controlling and monitoring inventory. However, it is one of the most reliable methods for doing so. GPS Tracking software allows you a way of keeping tabs on what is going out or coming in, or if something is not where it should be. If you’re not utilizing GPS to track inventory you’re either not tracking inventory or you are doing so manually which is not only time consuming but also not cost-effective. Let’s discuss a few reasons to consider why GPS Tracking just makes for good business.

Keeping Track of Supplies, Equipment or simply Pallets Location

GPS Tracking allows you to know the location of your material and equipment. Over time things get moved around, why spend time looking all over a multiply acres site when you can simply save time by locking onto the GPS Tracking software and locate real-time in seconds. The result is more productive crews producing more saving your business money.

Alerts and Notifications

Looking for some peace of mind by knowing when expensive items move or leave their location. GPS tracking can do just that, you can set up alerts/notification so you know if an item moves or leaves a specified location. Alerts can be sent via text, email or both you have the flexibility to customize. You have multiple location then set up multiple geo-zone that allow you to monitor a number of locations. Want to know when equipment comes and goes, you can do that too. Have equipment or material going on a specific route you can set-up a designated route if driver alters their route you can get alerts for that as well. Peace of mind protecting your investment.

Increased Productivity

Yes, you can have a team of employees to monitor inventory every month, but why waste manpower? GPS tracking saves times, saves money and monitors 24/7 365 days a year. It’s an extra layer of security for your business. This will allow your employees to be more productive doing things like ensuring shipments are ready on time.  Take a few moments to consider utilizing GPS Tracking it’s a whole lot more than just tracking vehicles. Global Locator Systems of Texas can help you develop the best system for your needs no matter what your business does. GPS Tracking provides peace of mind, saves your business money and can assist in increasing productivity and improve safety.

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