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Medical Alert Devices Protect More Than Just Seniors

Elderly Mother and daughter
“Medical Alert Device” companies hit the senior market hard but is this the only market appropriate for these devices. The image that comes to mind is a senior falling on the ground hitting a button and informing an agent they have fallen.
If you have a loved one or maybe you yourself have a medical condition such as prone to seizures or Diabetes. Regardless of age if you have a tendency or have risk of fainting don’t gamble your life a Medical Alert Device can be key to saving your life.
The ability to notify loved ones or a caretaker may be vital to saving a life. Most devices detect falls and have 2-way voice, if you pass out an alert is sent via text/email to alert caregivers and/or family members.
Check out our full line of personal and all-purpose trackers at www.globallocatorsystems.com we offer full line of devices. Our Guardian series all have 2-way voice and all-purpose device include a SOS button some even have braille on buttons. You can set-up custom alerts including who gets what alerts. Establish invisible fencing so you know when loved ones come and go from specific locations, that you set up. All our devices work at home and away, unlike some of the large well know companies’ devices. Our Guardian 2 is unique utilizing Cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS Satellite Technology, Wi-Fi extends battery life and allows the device to communicate to the software deep inside a building.
We offer a full line of Medical Alert and Personal tracking devices our software is easy to use. If you want to protect loved ones or yourself and provide peace of mind look at a Medical Alerts Device. Saving just one life is priceless.

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