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Most businesses need improved efficiency to continue to grow and remain competitive in the market. Very often a small investment will result in huge savings through improved productivity, improved customer satisfaction and reduced expenses in other areas. While a manager in previous at previous organization, we hired expensive consultants to determine areas to improve, this is something small business owners don’t always have funding to have done. What if I told you an investment in GPS Tracking would improve all these areas with the results being an improved bottom line and happy customers. Even if you have 1 vehicle in your fleet a GPS tracking device can help you improve overall efficiencies. Once you calculate the saving you will see how quickly GPS Tracking can pay for itself. In fact, once you calculate https://globallocatorsystems.com/fleet-tracking-and-roi-calculator2/ the savings and revenue-boosting effects lted below, you will probably find that our GPS tracking service pays for itself!

Improved Fleet Oversight. Real-Time tracking of your fleet 24/7 -365 days a year knowledge of were fleet is located. If you have a vehicle making unnecessary stop you will know and will have the record of the historical driven routes.

Improved Safety. A GPS tracking device and the software permits you to setup specific rules/alerts that will notify you of driving behaviors, such as speeding, rapid accelerations, hard braking, and more. Develop your own metrics to enforce safe driving habits, receive reports regularly to provide feedback to your fleet drivers. Through improved driving habits you will improve safety decrease time needed to deal with accidents and time required to deal with claims and potentially injury to you crew.

Improved Customer Service. Since you’re able to see where your fleet is you can direct drives away from traffic jams improving arrival times. Dispatch the closest driver to unexpected jobs or send back-up to assist or deliver need supplies to drivers who need help. This will help your team complete jobs timely and with improved efficiency.

These Improved efficiencies will help your business improve the bottom line. With improved productivity, less overtime, reduce fuel expenditures. Improved vehicle maintenance. Most importantly improved customer satisfaction. Contact Global Locator Systems of Texas to discuss how a small investment in GPS tracking pays for itself repeatedly, in the first year alone. Our demos are free and can be completed in 20 minutes or if more time is needed we are here for you.

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