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February 23, 2017
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April 10, 2017

Phone Tracking vs. True Asset Tracking

Many businesses utilize company cell phones for tracking. We understand why this is attractive for business owners. Not only are they already paying for the cell phone and utilizing a cell phone tracking application is simply. However, tracking on cell phones doesn’t cover everything a GPS Tracking device on an asset or vehicles offer. Unfortunately, these solutions fall short of the business owners need for fleet tracking. Most GPS Tracking devices allow business owners to create custom rules/alerts, geo-fencing and offer 40+ reports.

The ability for employees to disable tracking apps, turn off the phone of leave the phone behind make utilizing cell phones less reliable. A GPS Tracking device in your assets are more cost effective and have been proven to improve productivity, improve gas mileage, many cases decrease insurance expenses and improve customer services.

Global Locator Systems of Texas LLC will help your business with your fleet management solutions. If you are looking for reliable GPS tracking and Fleet Management solutions including registered ELD’s, we can help.

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