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January 25, 2017
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February 16, 2017


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The days of manually tracking miles driven, keeping track of when vehicle or equipment maintenance is due and more are in the past. GPS Tracking permits owners and managers to automatically monitor the data required for their operations.

GPS Tracking helps Fleet Managers and Business Owners improve cost by using less fuel, timely vehicle maintenance and improved safety. Companies with fleets of 1 or 1000’s can benefit from the implantation of GPS tracking. Most see a return on their investment multiple times a year.

Reduced Fuel Usage and Vehicle Wear:

Not only will you improve fuel efficiency with timely vehicle maintenance but also with improved driver behavior. Bad driving habits can shorten the life of vital components of your fleet leading to expensive premature repairs. GPS Tracking can help monitor speeding, excessive idling, harsh driver habits including hard breaking and rapid acceleration.

Happier Customers:

Real-Time GPS Tracking allows fleet managers, dispatch personal and business owners the ability to provide timely service to customers. By knowing where your employees are real-time you can send your team effeciantly. Historical routes let you know if drivers have taken the best routes. Our software provides traffic so you know when your team is delayed due to traffic allowing the ability to communicate delays to customers.

Driver Responsibility:

Know how drivers are driving your vehicles. Receive alerts for speeding, harsh braking, rapid starts and more. You select the alerts you want to receive, individuals are more likely to correct bad habits if they know they are being monitored. These metrics can be used to help evaluated driver’s performance for reviews and promotions.

Global Locator Systems of Texas has over 45+ reports available, request manually or set the up to be received automatically based on business need. Reports include IFTA reporting, driver behavior, miles driven, excessive idle, time away in specified locates and so much more.

With multiple types of devices available Global Locator Systems of Texas is certain to have a device for your needs. We offer top notch customer service and ongoing support and training.

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